Alone in the crowd

Posted: November 1, 2008 by danielparente in Loneliness, New York
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Once upon a time, there was a man standing at the top of a very tall building, looking at the crowd below, thinking about loneliness and the strangeness of feeling alone in the middle of millions.

New York was here at his foots, but no one actually looked at him, no one actually was aware of him. Strange how can you can be a stranger in the middle of millions.

New York‘s skies were alone aswell, the star and the moons could not be seen anywhere, as if they had also turned their back on him. Slow black crowds of orange and dark clouds hovered slowly and weightly above him, ready to let rain drops on him. Drops of tears from heavens could some one say, sad for the loneliness of one in the middle of millions.

Alone in the crowd

Alone in the crowd

Only drops didn´t found anyone on the top of the tall building, as he decided not to wait for them. A last step took him back to the middle of millions. He was not anymore alone, as millions were now talking about him, only now, they were alone, as he had left to somewhere else.

  1. AD says:

    wow reminds me of myself..

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