Footsteps on the sand of life

Posted: November 7, 2008 by danielparente in Life & Death, Loneliness
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When you think about life, you always think about beginnings and ends.

When you think about death, you can sometimes think about your life,

but sometimes truth comes to you as sharp as a knife,

and even if you look back, as footsteps on the beach’s sands,

you will see how far you have  come since you started your journey.

Don´t look back, as you will not be able to see anything  ,

not even  your footsteps, as everything else will be missing,

Gone with wind,  without any sign of yesterday.

In the thin line of horizon, sunset  explode in colors,

and you either think of the darkness to come,

or in the happy colors of the farewell.

You can stand where you are silently,

or you can move forward swiftly.

With Sadness or Happyness.

Alone or with someone else.

Does it matter?

Does it worth to think about it?

Darkness is almost here.

You have to move on,

or you will be caught by it and it will be the end.

Don´t look back. Look forth.



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