Posted: January 20, 2011 by danielparente in Loneliness, Love, Uncategorized
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my soul has no secrets, as I share my thoughts

with every one in the world that listens.

Listening to my words is not easy though

As I whisper to the wind my secrets.

Love, Hate, Pain, Pleasure, Joy and Sadness,

carried by the wind to a a sea of emptyness,

as no one is listening anymore to my regrets.

People don´t listen to the whisper of the wind

as it move on through leaves and and trees

through mountains and valleys

up to the city where you are to be find.

But you are not listening to the wind,

it is only a shiver through your warm skin

while you move into the night closed of mind,

without looking to what you have left behind.

I am here whispering  my love for you

I am here whispering  my sadness for you

I am here whispering that I miss you

I am here whispering my tears for you,

as you move on through the nigh for ever

without listening the wind whisper

carrying my soul to the lonelyness

where you have  left  me with abruptness.

Walking through the Night


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